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Fashion is Free ! Why not play dress up everyday? Getting ready is incredibly fun! There are no rules to fashion. Fashion is a canvas that can be changed at anytime.

Fashion is my passion, I truly enjoy following fashion and watching it evolve everyday. I am currently reading “Fashion 150 years” by Charlotte Seeling its fascinating and I totally recommend reading it. The beautiful works of fashion that began in the 1900’s , who wear it and why ? Fashion then was for the elite buyer, there wasn’t a department store you could shop at. A designer was called upon your request with fine textiles and made something that you desired. Fashion now is everywhere. We have all types of clothing stores for any type of buyer.

Fashion may be free, but to style yourself , you need to know a thing or two about fashion. Style is something different to everyone, it can not be bought, you need to have a sense of it. A sense of who you are. For myself fashion is like a first impression.

People always look at the cover before they open the book, so in the same sense people look at each others clothing and can base many thoughts or judgements by the outfit itself.

So why not be free and change your canvas everyday? Let me know in the comments below.Xoxo

Photo Credit: Anthony Evans

Clothing Credits:|Urban Outfitters : Shift Dress :tights :knee high socks|Bakers Shoes: Boots|


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