Love & Peace Part II

Hi lovelies,
The 70’s bring me back to my nana’s (grandmother) stories. Playing in my nana’s closet was super fun!! Big bell bottom jeans, tube tops and big fur coats. What I enjoyed most there was always dancing at her house which was perfect because she would show me how they aka the “Disco Kids” danced. People gathered underneath a disco ball for “Saturday Night Fever”, dancing with big platform shoes. Women rocked straight hair parted down the center of their head, like Cher. The lights and fashion were alive and totally groovy.

Tube Top @ Urban Outfitters   Bell Bottoms @ Target

For my “Saturday Night Fever” outfit I choose a delicate white lace tube top with scalped trim. Fun fashion fact: in the UK they call tube tops “boob tubes”, hahah! A tube top is an essential to a wardrobe because they can be worn on their own or underneath a backless shirt/dress as a fun layer to add some texture.
Now my two favorite things from the 70’s that can be pulled off now matter what decade are bell bottoms and platform shoes. Currently the big bell bottom and platform shoes are being rocked on the runway, of course with a new splash of taste to it, but definitely 70’s inspired. The bottoms I choose are made out of a perfectly light weight denim great for the summer. These bells are loose fitting and high waisted. It’s been a couple years now that I have been totally digging anything high waisted. If your wardrobe is lacking any high waisted pieces they can be found at Forever21, Target and H&M. Happy shopping!

How high is that platform? Not high enough! In the 60’s women were rocking platform shoes and towering over the men on the dance floor. This inspired the men to start wearing platforms too. These fun platforms…glamorous suede are two tones of brown with a black strip also know as color blocking that surfaced in the 60’s, but were inspired by art in the 50s. I picked these babies because they are comfortable and I totally enjoy the pop of color when walking/dancing in my bell bottoms.

Before I head out for Studio 54, which was the coolest place to be in New York where the famous and beautiful went to dance and mingle, I grabbed my white lego clutch faux Chanel…added some gold jewelry, placed my bug eye sunglasses on and headed out. Catch me on Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter… Some great news 
coming soon! 




Photographer: Anthony Evans

Instagram: @AnthonyEphotography




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