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Hi lovelies,

Vacation has finally arrived and I am exhilarated! New adventures are ahead and I couldn’t be happier. I am a traveler! I enjoy going to new places and discovering new fashion trends and food! We are going to explore multiple places in Northern California, but first we begin in Vegas! Since we are going to different cities I wanted to be light weight and only pack one suit case and of course I brought my backpack and a clutch. I packed basics that can be easily mix and matched and some classic standout must haves. I always try to leave some room because a girl has to shop a little, autumn is around the corner!

Sunglaases@ Urban Outfitters , Crop Top @Forever21

Joggers @ Toad Road Backpack @ Zara

When I travel my fashion is casual, functional and classic. I wanted to share some helpful tips that will make your airport experience super easy. 

Tips : 

1) Wear shoes that can be removed easily so security check is fast. Here I wore my chucks which are perfect for me to slip in and out of. They are functional and classic. Chucks bring that fresh to any causal look.

2) Jewelry and accessories try to keep very minimal. The less you have to worry about taking off and on. Today I am only wear my engagement rings and some earrings. No belts, necklaces or bracelets.

4)A bomber jacket or leather jacket is a great choice not only for when your exploring but for the airport. Planes are always vary in temperature. I packed a bomber and carrying my leather jacket with me onto the plane. I tend to be on the cold side so I am wearing olive joggers. 

5)Organize your purse/backpack before traveling. I think this is most important. Knowing exactly where all your important items are instead of digging into Mary Poppins purse. 

Chucks @ Kids Footlocker

These tips have helped me and made all my traveling efficient each and every time. What are your favorite traveling tips? Come with me on vacation go follow me on Snapchat!  I shall see you next Thursday. Thank you for coming and seeing me off. 


Photographer: Anthony Evans 


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