Iced Cold 

How are you lovelies? I am doing well, just started a new semester almost done with my fashion design degree. I am excited to make new pieces of clothing for some upcoming blogs. Recently in class I had a couple of gals who are my height ask me “How can I wear a long coat without being swallowed up?” Definitely a great question! The quick answer? Well of course darlings!
If you’re 5’3 or under, you’re more than likely familiar with the fashion challenges that come with being a shortie. Longer coats, jackets and vests are making a major comeback but the real question can a shortie take part in this trend? Absolutely! Look for one that falls at your calf or above the ankle. Another thing to remember is what to wear underneath. While I love the look of a wide leg pants under a long coat, I’ve realized that it overwhelms my body. So I stick to a skinny jean. I did a high waisted black jean with my trench coat so I could do a long sleeve sheer turtleneck to show a peek of skin.

It’s currently 18° here so being completely covered up sometimes feels like it’s not fashionable however, to help play with textures and depth while layering up. I wore an eyelash lace barlette underneath to add a feminine dainty touch. For depth add a white long vest, it’s another layer for warmth and a break through the colors.

You can also wear the longer style with a dress or skirt. For accessories add some edge with hardware like my boots for example have zippers, a buckle and the shape of the shoe helps with elongating you. For my scarf, mittens and a beraie hat these are just an added pop and of course much needed warmth. This is a great way to be fully warm and fashionable at the same time, and for all my shorties I hope this inspires you to take part of this trend.
I’m excited to announce that new changes are coming to my site! I’ll be going under construction soon so make sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter for daily shares. I’ll also keep you posted for new and exciting things to come. Thank you all for coming by today! May you have a wonderful Sunday and amazing week!!
Xoxo. A


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