At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Helllo beautiful people! How are you? I hope all of you are smiling, because today I want to talk about a bright smile ! My experience with ​Smile Brilliant​. For about a year and half or so I have been trying lots of home remedies and inexpensive products to whiten my teeth. After about a month with those products, the process became so frustrating that I usually gave up, wasting both my time and money. I was never able to see a noticeable difference after using those products.

Let me start by saying I was definitely skeptical. I expected to see no results but figured I’d give it a try. Plus I like to try things for you as well. I took before and after photos so I could see my results.

I brush two or three times a day and floss once a week but I drink coffee every morning before work and occasionally have some red wine in the evenings. I do use a steel straw however I know that it doesn’t 100% prevents ​stains​.

Prior to this 7 week whitening with Smile Brilliant, I did use the black charcoal once a week which was ok . I did do a blog on that product however I’m extremely excited/ impressed with Smile Brilliant. I didn’t realize how dark my bottom teeth had gotten until I started using the ​custom-fitted trays​. The steps are super simple and everything is laid out for you. Upon getting a starter kit, you’ll first take impressions of your teeth. If you have ever had braces theses process will be familiar to you. Smile Brilliant works really fast, once you send your impressions it takes a week to get them back and then you whiten when you can. I normally whitened in the morning after my coffee and cleaning routine. I did experience some discomfort however the desensitizing cream fixed that in a couple of minutes .

Smile Brilliant kit was easy at home and also on my 21 day journey out of the country. I’m happy to recommend Smile Brilliant!

• The tray creation process was not complicated and was actually interesting. The instructions that come in the tray creation kit are very informative and easy to follow.
• The customer service provided by Smile Brilliant was also exceptional.
• The ​whitening process​ is simple and quick to get started.
• Being able to put the ​whitening trays​ in and continue normal activities is a bonus.
• Whitening results are much better and quicker than ​other whitening treatments.

So lovelies, whatever your reason for wanting to have a brighter smile, I would absolutely recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone. It’s beyond easy to use, excellent customer service, and reasonable price, it’s definitely a tooth whitening product to try and continue to use. No need to search anymore.

*Below are my result: The top photos are from today and the bottom photos are from 7 weeks ago.

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