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Good Morning Lovely, 

I wanted to share the goodness I have been enjoying. You may have seen me share my morning/evening Apple cider vinegar shots with you. Apple cider vinegar is an acquired taste to put it nicely.  I have a hard time drinking it, so why would I want to chew it? Well – I was wrong! Once I learned that these were vegan gummies (most gummies contain gelatin, which these do not!) They actually taste delicious

A normal serving is 2 gummies = 1 shot of traditional apple cider vinegar.  The benefits of taking Apple cider vinegar in pure form or gummy: 

1. Supports healthy DIGESTION

2. Helps improve COMPLEXION

3. Helps reduce WEIGHT

4. Helps your body DETOXIFY

5. Promotes a healthy HEART

6. Enhances ENERGY

Negatives of taking pure Apple Cider Vinegar : 

  1. Not safe for tooth enamel
  2. Horrible taste , not easy to take
  3. Can burn your throat or stomach

These gummies from Goli are an excellent alternative to drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar if you don’t like the taste of the vinegar itself. They actually taste like a treat and are worth giving a try if you are at all interested in seeing how an ACV supplement can benefit you!

Things I absolutely Love:

•Gelatin-free (Vegan!)


•Free of preservatives

•Goli Donates to charity every bottle that is purchased : Every purchase made provides a 1-for-1 Vitamin grant through our partnership with Vitamin Angels to provide a child in need with a 6-month supply of vitamins.


•Coupon code for 5% OFF Goli Gummies

Great News!!! Alll of you my lovely readers can use the exclusive discount code Stylemybonez at checkout to get a special 5% off your order plus FREE shipping at Goli.com! https://go.goli.com/stylemybonez . Should you try them let me know what you think! 


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