In My Culottes

Hi lovelies! I’m just hangout in my culottes I just made. Yes you heard me  right Culottes are not pants, nor shorts or even a skirt they are unique just on their own! Very popular is the 60’s 70’s and even a tad into the 80’s. They are now the top trend for spring and summer. You could even pull them off in the winter. The word culottes is actually a French word for Knickers. Before I did my research I used to call these culottes , knickers a word my mother taught me long time ago so it’s interesting to me.

I had to make something for myself in my production sewing class so I chose to make myself some grey culottes. I love culottes because they’re comfy and easy to move around in. From some points of view they look like a skirt. They translate very well architecturally on the body. Culottes are smart to add for a full look as they are also a very polished statement.

For this delicate look I paired my culottes with a lace crop top. The lace crop top is light with a peak-a-boo of skin, I love the look seeing a little skin underneath which keeps it classy, but doesn’t give it all away. For my shoes-you know is my favorite part which are totally adorable, red knotted heeled sandals and the material is suede.

A little vintage I wanted to add to complete my outfit were my earrings. I purchased them on Etsy where a lovely woman finds beautiful vintage earrings and sauders off the snap back or screw and attaches to a gauge. My ears have been gauged for years now and I love to wear earrings that are abstract, but still very dainty .These vintage earrings are gold with red and pink stones.

My tips for pulling of culottes are pairing with a slim cut top that maybe tucked in or tied, or even fitted crop top. I prefer to wear culottes high waisted because I am on the shorter side so it helps elongate my body. However if you are taller low rise culottes can also be option. 

The color inspiration came from a clutch I purchased a long time ago. It has beautiful dark wood closes. The textile is floral and humming birds. Reds, yellows and blues on a black background which makes for a great pop factor for the grey and lace top and matches perfectly with my shoes. 

I know I know I kept you all waiting today for my blog! I kinda like to tease sometimes. Haha, but let me know what time you love to see my blog in the am , or mid afternoon or like right now, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere?

As always thank you for stopping by and seeing my creation I sewed and styled for you today. Love you lots. Don’t forget to click the star and like this blog. Until next Thursday I’ll be cruising down Nob Hill on my long board.



Photographer: Anthony Evans

 Instagram: @AnthonyEphotography

Clothing Credits |lace top:Urban outfitters|Culottes: Free Soul Fashion|Clutch:Aldo|Red Heels: Zara|


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