Hello there lovelies,
Today I wanted to take you on a cruise down Nob Hill with me and my longboard! I love being active when the weather is just right. Sometimes I know it can be challenging to be girly and also be active while doing so. Since I live in close distance to Nob hill, I often park the car and either bike, walk or longboard there. Nob Hill is a central location and the place to be for food, drinks and shopping.

I have been long boarding for about seven years now, but I’m not a professional to say the least haha because I avoid the hills at all costs!! I have definitely had my fare share of falls, but I still love to do it. It’s a good cardio work out, and I can show my love to Mother Earth by reducing my carbon footprint. Hippie child I know!! 

This denim baby doll dress is perfect for our ride today. To make it actively safe, I am wearing black little bloomers underneath just in case! No one wants their booty showing! To protect my shoulders I am wearing a white jersey crop top. This also is a great cover while I kick, push and coast!

Fresh whites because I love my converse to be clean. I don’t wear a lot of Tennies but when I do they are looking as fresh and clean as possible. So, to complete this outfit I paired some fresh white convers. Convers have the perfect flat sole with grip to help me stop on the long board.

Time to switch it up…lets go get a drink! I took off my converse and threw on some cute wedges. These wedges are super high and the color I absolutely love… peachy orange. I took off the white crop top to show off my back. I love dresses that are backless or have minimal straps. This denim baby doll dress has a long strap straight down the back with little reflective mirrors.

Now lets talk accessories! I wanted this outfit to have a little boho. So I paired a beautiful beaded clutch, yes a clutch… I told you I was obsessed. This clutch has plenty of color to stand out. For jewelry I wanted to keep it simple so I added flower gauges which are also a little vintage from my closet.

Both of these outfits are fun and have there own twist. Always have fun dressing up even if it’s for a fun activity like long boarding!

Thanks for cruising in Nobhill with me today! Until next time when we can have some fun with all my hats. Happy Thursday!!!!


 photographer: Anthony Evans 

Clothing Credits| White Crop Top: Forever21| Baby doll denim dress:K2 boutique| Chuck’s:Kids Foot locker| Clutch: Urban Outfitters | Wedges: Bakers Shoes|Earnings: Etsy|


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