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Hey lovelies,
Leopards are graceful and powerful creatures just like women of fashion. Fashion is a daily statement for the world to see. There are many animal prints in the fashion world we use, but the fiercest animal print in my closet is leopard. When I wear leopard print my attitude is on point. The power of the spots is real!

Have you ever just stood in front of your mirror full dressed wondering “hmmm what am I missing?” I must admit, I have had this issue. However, today I wanted to show you why leopard print is a must in your wardrobe. First thing first let’s change your mind set, repeat after me “As far as my closet is concerned leopard print is a neutral “, ha-ha yes a neutral. To think that way is hard since leopard print is the boldest print in the fashion world, so it’s hard to speak about neutral color in the same context. But from this day forward you are going to consider leopard print like a neutral in your closet. Leopard print can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.

The bold leopard print is on bags, clothes, accessories even interior… in other words it’s everywhere. For me leopard print is best on my feet. There is just something about leopard print shoes that transforms an entire outfit. It gives that grace and power. It adds a lift to any look, and can really make you stand out.

I wanted to show you how to go from causal day to an evening out with a simple swap of a couple things. Now that the weather is warming up I like to keep things simple and light. With our hot desert summers I don’t want to wear too much. I know wearing such a bold print for the first time can be scary. So let’s start with the basics. Wearing leopard print is best to try with dark hues, denim, strong solids. Here are some examples:
1) Dark hues: leopard print has dark brown and black hues so it’s easy on the eye when trying somthing new, everything matches with out any effort. You could wear all black and throw on some leopard print on for a pop. Like shoes, a clutch or belt.

2) Denim: Any type of denim pant, skirt or short can be worn with a solid white tee, and some leopard pumps to jazz up your look.

3)Strong Solids: Once you have become comfortable with wearing leopard print . Strong Solids are perfect to try out. The outfit I styled today is a great example.

Now before you go out looking for your print remember any animal print can sometimes be overplayed or overdone on an outfit so I would suggest to try a little leopard print with shoes, maybe a clutch or even a belt.

Today I wanted to work with strong solids. My color hues are black, cream, green and tan. The dress I am styling was a birthday present from my fiancé 3 years ago. It’s definitely a timeless and gorgeous dress from my collection.

Dress @ Toad Road |Choker:Hat:Sunglasses @ Forever 21

The top is a pleated deep v. The waisted band is black and the bottom layers are green. To accessorize I grabbed a tan wide-brim hat and a black choker… The choker for me is a little bit down memory lane. The 90s! And they are back in trend and I’m totally taking part! This is a casual look for the day so I paired with leopard print flats to complete the look.

Flats @ Steve Madden

Night on the town ! Throw that hat to the backseat. Let’s kick these flats off. Less is more! For this look I grabbed pumps that have two textiles. Leather toe and heel with side accents of leopard fur. To finalize this evening look, I put all my essentials into a leather clutch to tie everything together.

Pumps @ Zara Usa

Remember to always have fun while trying something new. It maybe different at first, but see what the beautiful body has to say before you say no! Always be open to trying something different on once in a while and hey you might just find yourself surprised! Try out any type of leopard print shoes, clutch or belt with my 3 tips. Let me know how cute it came out! If you need help styling let me know in the comments below. Catch me if you can on Snap Chat, Twitter and Instagram. Until next time…

Photographer: Anthony Evans Instagram: @AnthonyEphotography



  1. May 28, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    Love the energy and colorful skirt! ❤️

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