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Oh HIIII lovelies,

Hats off to you for being here this week! I have had a love for hats since I was a little girl. I remember when I was little I loved dressing up and hats seemed to be in lots of those old school pictures. As a kid I played with my daddy’s Yankee hats, but my ultimate fav was his Kangol hat because he would breakdance and dj with it and it just screamed so 80s.


Through my journey of fashion I have come to realize my top three go to accessories are clutches, shoes and …HATS! Hats are timeless and can make almost any outfit pop without much effort.

Hats can be year round essential for most. Current flavor of the week is a wide-brim or floppy boho hat, but I have a few extras to share too! Hats are consistently showing up in my wardrobe because they are that statement detail that instantly makes an outfit interesting.

Tan wide-brim hat @ Forever21

Well hello there wide-brim! This is a tan wool hat I love to style with my neutral colors. It has a very simple and clean-cut look. This hat for me doesn’t have a season so I keep it close all year long.



Tan wide-brim hat @ Forever21

This Fedora straw hat is my summer throw on. It’s that straw hat that can get wet and not loose its shape.

Baseball cap @ Grassroots (global dance festival)

These colors are to die! The elephant symbols good luck to me. Embroider inside the hat, “return to your roots “, I just love that statement and enjoy reading ever time I put this hat on. This is my chillin hat when I am feeling like I just want to through on whenever.

Floopy Black hat @ urban outfitters

Boho style is my favorite so this just fit perfectly into my wardrobe. This black floppy hat is perfect for any of my 70’s inspired boho outfits. Also a good cover from the sun.

Burgundy fedora @ buffalo exchange

This is my winter color hat. I tend to wear a lot of black and burgundy so I wanted a little pop of color to match a pair of pumps I have and a clutch as well goooo figure.

black small-brim @ San Francisco

This hat was orginally purchased for my fiancé in San Francisco, but it has gradually made it on top my head a tad more! Good thing we share the same closet. When I put it on I get so many comments stating I look like “Blossom” which just makes me giggle.

This is the great Finale of hats. It’s that perfect statement for the summer which is vastly approaching! When I saw this gorgeous hat my first thought was this is totally a Kentucky derby hat, haha however I wasn’t planning on attending a derby, I was looking for the perfect pool/ gardening hat. I love love being out in the sun so I knew this was just the hat for that!

If you are hesitant about throwing on that cute hat then here are four tips that could help you find the perfect hat:

1) Find a hat that fits perfect to your head. Should be square on your head. For color I would suggest black or tan so then you can wear numerous times with different outfits.

2) I would suggest a classic fedora or a wide-brim hat depending on your current wardrobe. If you prefer to style a baseball hat or cowboy hat those are also timeless elements that can be worn year around.

3) For an effortless look with a hat make sure that the rest of your accessories are basic. A hat carries a lot of attention. So it’s wise to keep everything else toned down so the focus stays on the hat itself!

4) Last thing and the most important have confidence when you put that hat on. That is the key.

Let me know if these four tips help you find the perfect hat in the comments below. If you want more of my tips or outfit ideas come back. Catch me if you can on Snap Chat, Twitter and Instagram. Until next time…



Photographer: Anthony Evans Instagram: @AnthonyEphotography




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  1. June 20, 2016 / 10:03 am

    Indeed.., hats are the best accessories!!!

    Vivienne X

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