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Hello there lovelies, 

Do you ever find yourself just day dreaming and distracting you from the present? Come with me on a calm walk by a beautiful lake. Sometimes I just love to walk around and enjoy nature. Life can get hectic and things are never promised so sometimes I feel I need to pause and enjoy what’s right in front of me. Be present in every moment and make a day dream reality. 

 I have been craving the salty smell of the ocean and the sand between my toes. Considering I am in the desert this lake shall do for now (minus the sand haha) The lake has these huge pieces of tree stumps around the shore. This was a perfect area to stop and have a little chat about my outfit and fashion tip for the short gals like me out.

 I found this dainty white linen dress which has gorgeous lace details, but it had long sleeves and at first I thought “why would anyone where sleeves in the summer?!” So I did some digging in fashion history about linen and hot weather and what I found was Egyptians actually had the finest, thinest linen out there. They were smart and layered on white linen because it was thin enough to keep your body cool but also a way to protect them from the harsh sun. 

Dress. @ Windsorstore

Well after my research I clearly had to give this little white high neck dress a try. Today I styled this dress with brown wedges. These wedges remind me of tan flat sandals I used to own when I was little but with amazing height. I love the way they make my calves look! 

Wedges @ Steve Madden

Fashion tip for this blog is just giving a little. When you show everything you are just giving it away. But why not just show one thing you like best that day, leave the rest to imagination. For me today it was my legs.
Second tip for all the short gals out there like me. This look is a perfect illusion of long legs! Covering everything on top and wearing short skirt, shorts or dress with some heels gives the illusion of long legs. You can also wear pointy shoes which also helps elongate you.

White, tan with a pop of turquoise. The jewelry i am wearing was a gift to me from my nana. Precious pieces I had to share with you today. Thank you for taking a walk with me around a beautiful lake, catch me on the roof tops downtown next blog.



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