Do you ever run out the door with no makeup and the first thing you grab before rushing out are big sunnies? Well I am so admitting to this one here! I love my sunnies with or without makeup. It’s the perfect finalized accessory anyone can throw on. Sunglasses are an all year around must have! I adore matching my outfits each day with different sunglasses.

Sunglasses are not only an awesome accessory to throw on they also protect your eyes and prevent wrinkles. Every time you squint your eyes that starts to create some wrinkles.

Today’s tip is about keeping that face beautiful and young. Make sure to always wear some type of sun screen to protect your skin. When washing your face, applying lotion or foundation always use an upward motion and be light handed. When you’re applying eye liner don’t stretch your eye lids, use a beauty blender. The skin on your face is very delicate.

So lovelies, I want to share my Sunnies with you today and inspire your collection not just for fashion purposes. When your outside of course a hat and Sunnies are a positive edition. Living in the desert and being closer to the sun it’s very hot and dry. As I grow wiser, not older haha I am paying more attention to skin care and trying to prevent my skin looking like leather in the future.

Have you ever bought a nice pair of sunglasses and seem to misplace them or scratch them really bad? Haha totally a victim here!

Fashion tip : I suggest to invest in one nice pair for special occasions. For the rest of your collection make sure they’re inexpensive and something that if you were to lose or scratch it’s not a big deal.

Let me know what your favorite shape of sunnies you like to wear? Do you have any special skin routine that you do? Comment below! Thank you guys for stopping by today! Make sure to submit your email so you can get all my updates! Catch me if you can on Instagram ,Snapchat, Twitter and Bloglovin! Until next time…



Photographer: Anthony Evans


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