Not Your Mom’s Denim 

Hello lovelies! Welcome to 2017! How is the new year treating you? I hope all is well this far! I am thrilled to start another great year with all of you! Thank you for giving me a wonderful first year with my blog and supporting me through this journey. I am ready and anxious for what is to come this year. More content and more of me up close and personal.
Let’s take it back a little this week! Remember the “Mom jean”? Well if you haven’t noticed they have recently been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. I have personally spotted so many fashionable people rocking the vintage Levi’s 501’s and pulling off the 80’s and 90’s looks however this trend has gone a little crazy lately. Honestly if you don’t fancy the classic vintage mom jean I completely understand. The shape the jeans make is sometimes not flattering as a skinny jean, but you can still make them cute! So I did some research and a lot of popular brands actually make their own take on the vintage mom jeans if you don’t like the classics.
I put myself up to the challenge and went to Savers and searched for the perfect classic vintage mom jeans. I knew I wanted to take part in the current top trend and the biggest goal was not to break the bank because I knew I may or may not like the style. So when I found the right jeans after trying on about 10 different types, I was happy to know they were only $6.00!

I brought home my jeans and did a little DIY and added distress to them. I absolutely love how they turned out. The distressed look adds diminution and texture. I am now a fan of the classic vintage mom jean. These vintage Levi’s are so comfy and they flatter my waist. Which brings me to some tips to help you that’s of course if you decide try this trend! Take a chance!! It’ll be fun!
The classic mom jeans are a perfect way to show off your waist! Throw on a crop top grab a leather jacket and some flat studded booties to toughen it up and call it a day! You can also choose dark stiff denim for a more vintage look such as the early 80’s. When in doubt just throw on a denim jacket with the classics vintage mom jeans. I call that a double denim moment. Remember always to find a balance with size and color.
I say try this trend because it’s definitely a way to step out of your normal box and have a little old school fun!!
Lovelies have a brilliant Friday! See you soon



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