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It’s been awhile. How are you? I have had some emotional couple of months. I really hadn’t planned on being gone so long. What have I been up too ? A lot has happened since we last spoke. Sara and I had our bachelorette party in Vegas which was a blast . Eleven of us piled into a van and headed to Las Vegas ! We rented an Airbnb home off the strip with a pool in the back yard. Our friends stocked the fridge and decorated the place for us. We attended a pool party and Steve Aoki was djing. No one got caked but the music was off the charts! The weekend getaway was so much fun and grateful to all who made it happen. Sara and I definitely needed a getaway, planning a wedding is beyond stressful. There are some many details but so worth every moment.

As of May 13,2017 I am officially Mrs. Nevarez . Our wedding was everything we dreamt and more. There were no major hiccups besides my veil falling off during the ceremony. Everyone laughed and the show still went on ha-ha after the second time my best friend made my veil kind of stay. Sara wrote the most amazing funny, loving and caring vows almost two pages ! A priceless moment that I will never forget. We have planned our honeymoon for the end of December. I know it’s typically much closer to the wedding itself, but we wanted to go during a warm season . We are going to explore Thailand, Cambodia and Bail. I can’t believe we are actually going to be getting our very first stamps in our passports. I am thrilled to be able to travel to a 3rd world country and being able to see all of this with my wife. Now that our wedding has passed and our honeymoon has been planned we are currently on the hunt for our first home purchase! If you have any advice please share below.

So, besides my output of Instagram photos of my life and engaging a bit on social media while balancing a new married life and looking for a house , I have been pretty silent over here.   I hope you haven’t forgotten me , I certain have not forgotten you. Even if it seems that way . I wanted to catch up with you. I am back and inspired to inspire you



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