Summer September

Hello lovelies,

Happy Monday! How are you ? Did you enjoy the long weekend? Today Jen my photographer and I are heading to a nursery near both of us. Her and I share the love of cacti and succulents! I honestly wanted a new pot for a cacti and secretly, I wanted to get a new plant! I definitely received my green thumbs from my nana. I absolutely love the fresh smell that plants bring and the bright color. I know the weather is supposedly cooling down however not here in the desert. It’s been in the high 90s!

My outfit for today’s little adventure into a local jungle! I wanted to blend in. I styled a romper with ruffles on the shorts and arms straps! The print is friendly and playful but allows room for movement and all day wear. I paired some baby blue low strap heels to balance the color orange and make the print pop!

The weather has been different in many parts of the word to say the least. What type of weather are you going through? What fashion dilemmas are you currently experiencing? Please make sure to comment below ! Your comments/feedback is absolutely appreciated and welcomed!



Photographer : Jenn Carrillo

Romper: Asos
Shoes: Forever 21


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