Hello there lovelies,

Happy Holidays to you! Are your stockings hung? I hope you’re checking your list not just once but twice! Christmas is three days way! I absolutely love this time of year. I am heading to my parents’ home in Santa Fe and I can’t wait to eat my mom’s food. For Christmas Eve my family and I are going to walk Canon Road. Canon Road is so beautiful for Christmas Eve! The road is lined with farolitos (sand-filled, paper brown bags illuminated with votive candles) and luminarias (small bonfires). There are carolers singing Christmas songs and most of the art galleries are opened and handing out hot coco and tea. In previous years it would be a lovely night walking in a winter wonderland. Crossing my fingers for some snow this year! What are your plans for the holidays?

It’s that time of year to celebrate and enjoy one and other. From work to family to friend festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up. A coworker of mine actually gave me this vintage dress in the summer and instantly gave me the holiday feeling. I have been waiting patiently to style this beauty. The dress just speaks outload business in the front and party in the back! I absolutely love the big bow and open back. The length of the dress is perfect for any occasion. The best parts of this whole outfit are the shoes and tights! Come on these glitter tights are to die for! I paired opened pair of high heels to give it a corky twist. When it comes to tights, most of us think plain, black tights. They indeed go with everything and slim the leg, but tights can also be the statement accessory of your outfit! The best things about tights are they come in so many colors, patterns, materials and best of all they are really affordable. If you are like me I own more pairs of tights then jeans. During the colder weather, tights are a girl’s best friend because they make it possible to wear dresses and skirts without freezing our legs off!

No matter what festivities you are heading to next put something on that just makes you smile! It’s a perfect time to wear something glittery and shiny. When the Christmas lights hit your outfit it instantly becomes eye catching.

I wish all of you wonderful holiday weekend!  Hope all of you have the opportunity to relax and spend some quality time with your family and friends!  Eat, drink and be merry!!




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