2020 Ready Mindset

Hi Lovelies, 

Happy New Year! This is 2020! It’s time for a new decade and I am ready for 2020. In December I  reflected on 2019 and really thought of how I wanted this new decade to start. I wanted to start 2020 off strong with intentions and goals that I knew would push me in the right direction. Below is my list: 

  Intentions & Goals

• Dry January- cleanse from alcohol(Start January 5, 2020 through February 3, 2020)

• Be Early/on Time

•Be kind and understanding 

•Pray more, love more

• Complete 265 workout classes

• Make Social a money-making machine 

• Save Money – Pay off debit

• Lose 25 pounds

• Collaborate More  

• Sew- Make a summer dress / wife a blazer

• Journal More

• Read

• Travel – be there 


There’s nothing like starting off a decade with a clean slate. And while I shouldn’t feel like I have to be perfect all the time. I really want to improve my life and grow from what I have learned from last year. I made myself some simple tips and tricks that could help me do anything a little better.  I wanted to share what’s helping me on a daily basis to complete my intentions and goals. Don’t fret! Everyone has to start somewhere.

“If the motivation comes from within, those people tend to stick with exercise much longer because they don’t have a specific due date,” – unknown 

1. Manage your expectations

2. Stick to the basics

3. Yes, you have time

4. Every little bit counts

5. Eating healthy needs to be a priority (meal prep)

6.Journal and forecast what your days look like. 

7.Set a budget 


9.Give yourself positive affirmations every morning 

10.Hold yourself accountable 

11.Be kind to yourself, make sure to praise yourself for a little wins. 

13.Put yourself out there 

14.Be brave

To live a life you have never lived before means you have to do new things. Check in with yourself, and see where you are at each day with your intentions and goals. It’ll help you stay committed to yourself.

I know I am committed to making this year inspirational, adventures, educational, fun, loving and passionate. Let me know in the comments below what you want to accomplish this year?  I believe you can do anything you put your mind and heart too. Have a great day. 

Thank you for your support! See you tomorrow for a new blog about my Goli Gummy Review.



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