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Hi lovely readers, 

Happy Saturday! I recently gave myself a ‘treat yo self’ day and wanted to share the experience I had of my first  facial at Yes Organic Boutique. I enjoy getting facials and learning about skincare. It’s super important to me to take care of my skin so it can be healthy and also stay looking youthful for a very long time. 

I was looking around at places near where I live that I have not been to, as I have been to Betty’s Spa and 10,000 waves. Both places were good experiences but on the pricey side and not very personable. I was looking for something unique, local and affordable. When consulting a friend Sash about her skin (because her skin is so gorgeous and well taken care of) she highly recommended going to see Indigo at Yes Organic Boutique. 

Upon arrival at the Boutique I was greeted by Indigo my esthetician herself who immediately introduced herself and asked if I wanted some tea (it was sooooo yummy!). We sat down in very calming sitting area, where we went over what I was to expect, what I was looking for in a facial, and what products would work best for my skin. I also asked questions about products that I would use on a daily basis. Indigo was very patient and provided me a wealth of information. After our little tea time she then led me to one of the most zen looking room.  

She cleansed my skin, exfoliated, put on serum and moisturizer as well as a hydrating mask and probably a few things I didn’t even realize because I was so relaxed I dozed off for a bit haha! All of the products she used smelt amazing. I didn’t have any irritation whatsoever afterward! This service included a décolleté area, arms, hands/palms massage which I think was my absolute favorite!! It was exactly what I needed after a stressful week at work. Indigo was so sweet and kind, she truly listened to what I wanted from the experience, and made me glow by the end!

I truly enjoyed my facial experience, and will be using the Éminence Organic Skincare moisture, eye cream and paired with other products on a daily basis to keep my skin healthy and youthful looking. I can honestly say that was the best experience I have had. 

I am so happy I took my friends recommendation. Yes Organic Boutique is local, affordable and great customer service, I highly recommend them. Below are photos of the boutique and the products she used on me. Make sure to head over to my Instagram for daily shares of my skincare routine. Comment below what your favorite skincare products are. 

Thank you for stopping by for a read! Have a wonderful weekend. 



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