Celebrating 12 Years of Bliss: Our Unforgettable Anniversary Stay at Ojo Santa Fe

To celebrate our 12th anniversary, my wife and I eagerly sought a tranquil getaway, ultimately choosing the captivating retreat of Ojo Santa Fe upon glowing recommendations. Nestled amidst Santa Fe’s picturesque landscapes, this hidden gem surpassed every expectation, weaving an unforgettable tapestry of cherished moments.

Upon arrival, the staff’s warmth and the serene atmosphere enveloped us. The allure of the puppy farm and charming chicken coop added an enchanting touch, offering moments of joy and tranquility among playful pups and cozy nooks.

The indulgence reached its peak at the thermal and saltwater pools—a rejuvenating embrace for body and soul. Each dip in these natural sanctuaries, coupled with serene surroundings, dissolved our everyday stresses. We cherished the peaceful walks between pools, immersing ourselves in nature’s embrace.

A private soak by the fireplace was an exceptionally romantic highlight, enhanced by stunning views and proximity to the dry sauna and eucalyptus steam room.

Our room was a sanctuary of luxury and comfort, adorned with opulent decor and New Mexico charm. Its luscious ambiance perfectly complemented the balcony’s breathtaking views. We relished the convenience of a kitchenette, enjoying packed snacks and takeout from the restaurant, savoring a delightful meal of salad and whipped feta with pine nuts. With no TV in the room, we cherished moments playing board games and relishing each other’s company.

Reflecting on our escape, we marveled at the fusion of nature’s beauty and human artistry. Ojo Santa Fe was the canvas for an unforgettable celebration, each moment enriched by serenity, flavors, and opulent surroundings. With a generous 20% discount for New Mexico residents, our stay was a delightful staycation without straining our budget. Also, their inclusive soaking on check-in and check-out days. Additionally if you come on your birthday you soak for FREE.

Here is the link to book your stay

As we look forward to our next adventure, we invite you to suggest your favorite spots for us to explore next. Thank you for joining us on this unforgettable journey. Until next week!



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