Navigating Dry January: A Local’s Guide to Alcohol-Free Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome to 2024! As January unfolds, the buzz around Dry January grows stronger. For those in Albuquerque, whether residents or visitors, craving lively social experiences without alcohol, this guide opens doors to the city’s vibrant offerings. From cozy cafes to dynamic hangouts, discover a fulfilling month minus the spirits.


Caffeine Havens and Cozy Corners
Begin your Dry January journey at Albuquerque’s top caffeine havens. Dive into inviting spaces like Zendo, Slow Burn, Little Bear Coffee, Humble Coffee Company, Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters,Dawn Patrol Coffee Shop,Rust is Gold Coffee,Villa Myriam Coffee Roasters,Blackbird Coffee House, Java Joe’s, Remedy Coffee ABQ, Cutbow Coffee, Plata Coffee, Meraki Coffee + Market, Sunday Service and The Brew Coffee Bar. Indulge in artisanal brews, unwind with a good read, or catch up with friends over aromatic coffees and soothing herbal teas.

Mocktails Galore: Bars and Restaurants
Contrary to popular belief, Dry January doesn’t mean sacrificing social outings. Discover local bars and eateries embracing the trend by offering a tantalizing array of alcohol-free mocktails. Dive into the refreshing concoctions at Happy Accidents, Gather, Apothecary Lounge, Botanic Bar, Teddy Toe’s, M’tucci’s Bar Roma, Still Spirits, The Copper Lounge, Central Bodega, Lost Cultures LLC, Luxe Lounge, where mixologists craft inventive and flavorful beverages to tantalize your taste buds.

Fitness-Friendly Activities
For those seeking an adrenaline rush or a wellness-focused approach to the month, Albuquerque presents a plethora of fitness and wellness centers. Engage in yoga, pilates or sculpt sessions at Blissful Spirits (three location options), or join community fitness events at Chuze, My Gym, Stone Age Climbing, Gainz Fitness, and Frontline Coalition fostering physical well-being while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Moreover, being in the Land of Enchantment, there’s a world outside waiting to be explored! Engage in cycling, snow sports, invigorating hikes, relaxing hot springs, snow tubing, and a myriad of other outdoor activities.

Cultural and Artistic Escapades
Uncover the city’s cultural richness through museum visits, art galleries, and live performances. Experience the vibrant art scene at New Mexico History Museum and Natural History & Science, I personally love Fractal Friday or immerse yourself in live music events, plays at Launchpad, Sunshine Theater, The Historic El Rey Theater, Popejoy Hall, KiMo Theatre, Outpost 1706 Brew House, The Stage! enjoying evenings filled with creativity and cultural exploration.

Albuquerque’s diversity shines not only during Dry January but year-round. Embrace these non-alcoholic delights, forge new connections, and create lasting memories beyond traditional bar scenes. Here’s to a vibrant, alcohol-free month in the heart of New Mexico!

For a dose of sober, alcohol-free entertainment, tune in to the incredible podcast “Mockicated,” hosted by my fabulous friends Jessica & Ale. Their mission? Normalizing life without alcohol. Mockicated welcomes the sober-curious, those embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle, and anyone seeking positive life changes. Jessica & Ale break down stigmas and embrace authenticity because the journey of giving up alcohol is as authentic as it gets. Whether you’re on day 1 or cruising through day 100, this podcast has your back. Tune in every Thursday as J + A become your supportive AF best friends.

Thank you for joining me! If there’s a favorite spot I missed, share it in the comments. Wishing you a fantastic start to your year. See you next week with a fresh blog.


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