Dreaming about Paris

Hello lovelies! 

I recently stumbled across my passport and flipped threw it and the pages are empty. I have never traveled out of the country. I have been pondering on what would be my first adventure. Paris, Florence and Bora Bora were my first thoughts. In Paris I hear the food is beyond delicious and of course the remarkable art!

As I was browsing the web an idea popped like a light bulb for the today’s blog! I quickly thought about a location in my town that would resemble Paris in some way. I put an outfit together that would be perfect to explore Paris on a summer day. I’m not sure when I’ll visit Paris but when I do I’ll be walking those street with style. 

Come join me on a morning Tea date and talk about exploring the world. Where would you like to travel to? What must haves from your wardrobe would make it your suitcase?

Siting in my suede mini shift dress drinking a London fog with extra honey. I am in the clouds thinking about traveling the world. I am wearing a floral silk neck scarf that just makes me giggle because I could just picture me driving a scooter around Paris with my scarf blowing in the wind. I paired my scarf with a gold necklace. I honestly have been taking part of the double necklaces trend. Chokers, neck scarfs and small dainty necklaces are a current must in my everyday wear. I love the combination of shapes from my neck to my chest. The mini shift dress has a deep square back which I wanted to wear in front to make a different neck line. Backwards equals chic! 

Gold Necklace @ H&M

Fashion Tip: When wearing bold colors or a full monochromic outfit, create shapes by layering clothing or jewelry. It makes the outfit more unique. Also keep in mind of the weather or what you’ll be doing that day. I tend to wear flowy clothing when it’s going to be slightly breeze. So when I walk my clothing has a little fun to it. 

Neck Scarf @ Forever21 Shift Dress @Zara

Clutch @ Aldo Flats @ Zara

For my shoes I wanted to keep it simple and comfy. I picked black suede flats that are pointy to give me some length. These flats are about 8 to 10 hours of wearable comfort. A great choice indeed for exploring a new place. When exploring I don’t like to carry too much so I paired a multi colored clutch with my outfit. The clutch is burgundy, grey and black. The shape of the clutch is different and adds some more geometry to my outfit.

I can’t wait to set the date to explore Paris and get those stamps added to my passport!

Stay Chic! See you next time. Remember for daily shares follow me on Instagram and snapchat for behind the scenes of my unfiltered life. Lots of love




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