Fresh Red

Hello there lovelies, 

Ready for fall to come? I know I am because I can’t wait to layer up and bring out the scarfs and beanies. San Fransisco gave me the feels for fall. I love that the weather in San Fransisco is cooler than home is right now. I had to layer a little bit today and because it’s a tad windy outside the hair is up in signature bun. The afternoons agenda consists of picking up some tea and flowers for the house. Let’s go! 

Ever found yourself staying away from stripes? Well you shouldn’t next time, just go Vertical! They are perfect for gals on the shorter side or for any area that you want to lengthen, slim or elongate. Our eyes move quickly up and down over vertical lines creating an illusion of height or length. This is why you want to use a vertical lines, such as a vertical stripe on the part of your body you want to slim or elongate. Combining vertical stripes and color block adds more of a slender elongated look.

I am wearing a black and white spaghetti strap dress with vertical lines and under I am wearing a thick cotton bodysuit that has cute cut off detail. I enjoy the shapes and having some fun layering so my collar bone stands out! This dress makes me look a little taller as if I was wearing heels. This is a great example how to style vertical stripes and create a great illusion. 

Just look! Pom Poms on my feet! I am on foot today for my stroll, every step on the street is a piece of art! They are flat and lace up my ankle and I just adore the bright fresh red. 

Now Now it’s time for one of my favorite clutches!! I’m sure you have seen it a million time on Instagram already but it was a must for this outfit! Since I am already wearing vertical stripes I wanted to change the direction of your eye so it can be taken in as its own piece. Horizontal color block made out of wood! This is a timeless unique piece. 

Let me know if my tips helped or if you still find yourself in need of some fashion advice-I am your gal! Happy Thursday come back next Thursday for some my fashion art and tips!

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