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Don’t wear white after Labor Day! I remember hearing this fashion “rule” a long time ago, but never abided by it. White is a crisp and a primary color in most people’s wardrobe. Why would anyone want to leave it out for the colder months to come? Come to think of this “rule”, I never really understood it so I did some digging into the history of fashion and found the rule was put into place by the super-rich wives in the 1880s. They created many fashion rules to know the difference between the acceptable and not. Those who didn’t adhere to this change in color palette were instantly regarded as outsiders to the upper class. However Ms. Coco Chanel herself broke this rule and made an all white suit in 1920! 

Call me a fashion rule breaker! Rules were made to be broken. White is a staple color and I plan on wearing it year around. After all, this crisp, clean hue doesn’t just look good during the warm-weather months of summer, it also makes all the fall outfits look sophisticated too. That’s why I am giving you an outfit idea and a few tricks of the trade for rocking white after Labor Day and all the way through fall.

1) Fabric: make sure to pick appropriate fabric for the season. For example try to avoid wearing linen pants in the fall. You will of course be cold and the fabric is not intended for the season. Instead pick fabrics such as leather, cotton and denim. 

2) Accessorize: when wearing all dark hues during the colder season you can add a pop of white. White ensembles are not for everyone but you can still play with whites using accessories from scarves, gloves, beanies, belts, clutchs and everything in between.

3) Dark Hues: Fall is notorious for bringing out the dark side in your wardrobe but it’s okay to pair black, brown, grey and navy with a pop of white to balance it out. 

White matches everything, so have courage to mix it up this fall and step outside of that comfort zone! 

Let’s look at what I styled for you today. Bold white pleated pants with dark hues of grey, emerald and black. These bold pleated white palazzo pants give me the feel goods because they are in my top five! I am a year around dress girl, so when it comes to pants I am very picky. I chose these pants because they are high waisted and flowy! The material is lite ployester with a thick cotton lining, perfect for the cooler season ahead. 

Crop Top @ Forever21 Palazzo Pants @ Target

Crop crop crop it up!! Crop tops are an essential in my wardrobe. I have many colors and different shapes in crop tops and today I really wanted to pull a crop top with thick cotton since it is rainy outside. This crop top is quarter sleeve length and is shoulder-less. For my two black elements I picked a biker leather jacket and leather boots with buckles. My boots are hidden but when walking they peep through a little. 

Boots @ Bakers Shoes

Clutch @ Aldo

Choker@ Forever21

Accessorize time! At this point I needed some color to help make this outfit pop. A silk wide emerald choker and a brown wood clutch with birds on it would definitely do the job! This assemble is casual and chic! I gave you an outfit idea and some tips and tricks for rocking white after Labor Day and all the way through fall! Remember rules were meant to be broken so go crazy, break some fashion rules and keep trying things out with your wardrobe. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

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Photography : Anthony Evans 



  1. September 9, 2016 / 3:06 am

    love the look!

    • September 9, 2016 / 7:42 pm

      Thank you kindly ☺️ haha the 90s are so here and alive ! So fun , can’t wait to see what you style

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