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Hey lovelies ! 
Happy Fall! According to our calendars today is the first day of fall. I am excited but just because the calendar says its fall doesn’t mean it’s actually fall weather yet. Although I am ready to start breaking out all the fall trends like dark lips, off the shoulder sweaters, and booties. The weather is still warm and beautiful and the evenings this time of year are the best! Not too hot or cold. A perfect night driving with the windows down, that amazing smell of green chile roasting, the changing leaves and listening to music with not a single care in the world. Awe… life is good! 

On this lovely week I just wanted to drive all the way to the mountains and see the city views. It’s claim, simplistic and beautiful. What more can a girl ask for? I got out of my car so I could see the sun go down and count the stars…Hey you want to come along?!! While we are up here let’s talk fashion! Velvet, glitter and fur are the new top textiles to have in your wardrobe. I’ll be covered in velvet and glitter this season! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

Tonight I am wearing my velvet booties (which have stolen my heart) These Zara booties are constructed for a seamless design that is ideal for a dress or skirt. I know velvet isn’t for everyone, however I am going to breakdown four different types of styles you can play with velvet and just maybe I can change your mind and wardrobe. 
 1. Grunge- Remember the 90s? Crushed velvet, petticoat dresses and docs were cool! If you don’t remember, it happened. So if you want to go velvet-as-grunge pull on your camisole, docs and velvet circle skirt and don’t even think twice! For a more modern and sophisticated twist you can mix and sharpen it up by adding in other elements of current fashion trends like a floral dress combat boots and a velvet beanie. Now you’re well on your way to bringing the crushed velvet out of the 90s and into the now.

 2. Elegant- when you think of velvet it’s elegant material is soft and sophisticated. For a rich delicate textile go for a classic look. For a date or event pull out some sexy heels and wear a velvet dress. You can pair this look with a fur clutch. 

 3. Whimsical- if your not styling velvet for the streets (grunge) or wearing to a sexy date.Then what you may ask? Well velvet crop tops, pleated velvet pants or a skirt. Think outside of the box. Switch your basics instead of cotton wear velvet.

 4. Dandy- Fem dandy look-an exquisite all velvet suit or a well constructed velvet blazer. One of the most striking uses of velvet I must say. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with this look. 

Did I change your mind about velvet? I sure hope so! Try to use my four tips to see if you can style something that suits you. For my style I choose a more modern bohemian look. Free and whimsical comes to mind when I put this together. Since it’s a bit cooler in the evenings I paired a wool tan hat and added my floral neck scarf to add some color. My blush dress its flowy as per usual. Cut off shoulders and cute little buttons down my chest. For my little details I chose silver for my hardware. I pulled some earth tone rings that add to the bohemian look. A silver choker and neckless with an “O” for my last name, it’s a perfect neckless cocktail! This look is a great example of a whimsical yet modern take on velvet. Once it gets a little bit cooler I can throw on some tights and a bomber jacket. Let me know if any of my four tips help you. If you do style something tag me on Instagram.

Now that fall is here, come back next week to style fall colors! Smile and enjoy your Thursday! Until next time… 



Photographer: Anthony Evans

 Instagram: @anthonyephotography


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  1. Paisley
    September 28, 2016 / 4:53 am

    Love it !

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