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Hey there lovelies,

What’s happening out there on this lovely Thursday? Hopefully nothing but fashion greatness!!

Ever throw on a outfit that you feel great in and the first thing someone says “that looks great on you but I could never pull that off”?! I have received this comment many times. So, today’s blog is going to be about drop crotches and making them work for everyone. Drop crotches on pants, jumpers and sweats are awesome and comfy without a doubt and definitely in right now! Most people call a drop crotch MC Hammer Pants. However they are not just that… drop-crotch pants are all about just looking chill, relaxed, and cool, and really about just going with it. You may be asking yourself “How would I style these?” Well it’s just as simple as styling it with a loose tank and your favorite sneaks. These type of pants also have a hip-hop-dance-inspired element to it so have some crazy fun with your on the street-style and accessories and let loose!Keep in mind it’s fall now here is my list of fall colors:

Color Palette :
1. Olive

2. Burgundy

3. Deep Navy Blue

4. Mustard Yellow

5. Tan

6. Brown

7. Black

Clutch @ Forever21

Lip Color@ Mac Jewelry @ Forever21

Jumpsuit @ Urban Outfitters Heels@ Zara

Now let’s take it lower than low! This jumpsuit is burgundy and features a slight v-neck at the front with a drop crotch design. Very relaxed silhouette with tapered legs. The tapered legs are perfect for boots, heels and flats! This jumpsuit is playful, because there is a lot of material to manipulate. It can also be worn many different ways. I paired some lace up black suede heels with an adorable peep toe. For my hardware I chose gold embellishments. I picked a black suede choker that wraps around multiple times with a gold leaf and gold closers. I needed a statement ring so I grabbed a gold ring with a shiny black square. A fall time must is something denim so here I chose my denim clutch with a gray fluffy. Double denim moment and throw on my denim jacket.
Jumpsuits are so easy to put together for any occasion. Accessories can always change the look. Play with your style see what you come up with. Below are three outfit ideas to get you inspired:

1. Running errands: High waisted pants w/ drop crotch design throw on a fun vintage t-shirt and some ballerina flats.

2. Happy hour with friends: Low rise jeans w/ drop crotch design, paired with a blouse and some heels.

3. Office: A jumpsuit with a drop crotch design belted (show your figure more) with a clean blazer, paired some slick mules.

Try rocking a drop crotch and let me know your thoughts. If you need any help styling let me know! I am here for you. Thank you for coming back, it’s always a pleasure to talk some fashion with you! A little update the count down to New York has began! Only 28 more days!! I have a lot of fun new adventures planned. This will be my first time in New York. Make sure to stay tuned on my Snapchat and Instagram I’ll take you along with me! Also make sure to like and comment below!

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