The trends of the 90s are creeping into our current fall wardrobes. The layering affect with little details on the outside is my favorite duo to add to any style. I know a thing or two about how to master layering and I’m excited to share with you! For example today I am wearing a summer tube top to show that you can still use your summer pieces in the fall as well.

A black tube top on top of a white tie bow blouse. The blouse is made in sheer white chiffon, double layered in front however the layer in the back gives a little more peep of skin. Looks insane with black velvet floral leggings and a leather jacket. This outfit is very modern with a twist of 90s. These leggings are my new “feel goods”! They are soft to the touch and very warm.

So, this outfit would not be complete without my Alejandra’s. Talk about love at first sight I just knew I had to have these when I saw them. It was around Christmas time and I remember bugging and bugging my fiancé haha! I needed them in my shoes collection. The two textures are just off the charts for me. The suede heel and the black iridescent snake skin in the front with a thin line of gold.

Trends are always fun but always remember to add a little you. For myself I love being modern and fresh with a little flash back added. This outfit is all about mixed textures. I played with chiffon, cotton, velvet, leather and they all made for a great combo and still stand out on their own. Mixing textures is not hard if you let your creativity flow. Wearing different textures and combining them is visually interesting. As you can see in arts and nature, things that have different textures and levels of hardness go together well.

Here is a list of textures that work well together.

1. Cotton & Leather

2. Velvet & Cotton

3. Suede & Egyptian Cotton

4. Denim & Linen

5. Tweed & Velvet

Try a combination and see what you can make. Once you have these basics down then you can start adding in different patterns. The colder season is perfect to play with layers because you can always just take it off. There is no such thing as too much layering.

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Photographer: Anthony Evans Instagram: @AnthonyEphotography


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