Fall Short Shorts


We’re well into October and like it or not, it’s about to get seriously chilly. I have slowly been transitioning my closet from summer to almost winter but Autumn is a perfect transitional season. Here in Albuquerque we can experience all four seasons in one day so layering is a big factor! So, before you start packing away all your beloved summer favorites, I am here to help! I want to give you some fashionable tips so you can rotate your summer wardrobe for at least the next couple of weeks …if not all year around. Ready? Let’s go.

1) Tights, tights, tights!

This is a staple trend! The first nylon stocking was sold in 1940 in the US. 780,000 pairs were sold on the first day. They were made with a seam in the rear. Every since then there has been so many different types of tights/nylon stockings made with different fabrics, patterns and colors.

My motto with my summer wardrobe is: as long as my feet are comfortable, warm, in boots with thick socks and tights I can wear a summer dress or shorts throughout the winter. Tights seem super thin however, they are warmer then they look.

-Try tights with knee high socks or even thigh highs. Play with color, shapes and have fun. I am a huge fan of the classic black but I do have turquoise, grey, yellow and red.

2)Experiment with layers.

For the summer you’re used to wearing your shorts with a tee or tank, but fall is the season of layers. Experiment with different lengths and textures. In my most recent blogs I have brought up layering!as its a fundamental importance to fall fashion. Also, it’s really cool to see different fabrics and layers, I call it fashion architecture!

-Try a knee-length coat or vest and even add a hat for an extra hint of fall style. Long tees or tanks under a warm sweater topped with a denim/leather jacket. Lace camisole are a perfect for layering on top or can even be a bottom.

The outfit I pulled for you is a great example for styling summer shorts for the fall. This is a casual chic look, very monochromatic. You can never go wrong wearing all black with some grey and white. Now for shoes I have swapped sandals for some flat soldier boots. Just a friendly reminder if your shorts are too short then wear flat boots, ballerina flats and if you choose to wear heeled shoes try and keep it under 3 inches.

As for my layers I started with a white lace camisole and a big warm grey sweater. To top everything off I added my favorite leather jacket. For my shorts they are black cotton paired with black tights and knees high socks for some extra warmth. My socks also have adorable little buttons on the side.
Today’s arm candy is all about gold. Since my outfit is very mellow I wanted my accessories to pop. I brought my new clutch along which is fun and unique! All white with black and red  give you many pairing options!

So don’t store away your shorts just yet! Try styling them, let me know in the comments below if these tips were helpful. If you do style shorts make sure to tag me on Instagram because I would love to see all your styles and ideas!

Xoxo Until next time…


Photographer: Anthony Evans

Watch@Guess. Bracelets@Forever21

Camisole@KII boutique

Soldier Boots @ Steve Madden Clutch@ Forever21

Leather Jacket @ H&M Grey Sweater@Urban Outfitters


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