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Hi lovelies,
How is everything going? I took two weeks off from blogging, but I am happy to be back with all of you lovlies! I definitely used my time wisely. My first visit to New York was off the charts amazing! I learned, ate, walked, discovered, laughed, walked more, got lost and met so many amazing and diverse people.

Now I’m back for some Thursday Fashion fun! Well I was in New York I had the pleasure of attending a walk through of a pleating warehouse and shown a step by step pleating process. I learned how each delicate piece of fabric is made. Pleating is a way of folding fabric to create fullness, ease or texture in a garment. Your choice and placement of pleat can have a dramatic impact on the shape and style. There are numerous ways to pleat fabric and today I want to show you how the fabric is steamed, cooled and ready for the designer to make their idea come to life. Below are the steps to achieve the desired pleat.

1. Place fabrics into a cardboard sandwich. These two pieces of cardboard are shaped with the desired pleat.

2. Roll the cardboard up into a cone shape and tie really tight. Then place into a hot steam room for about an hour or less. Once the timer goes off then place into a cooling area.

3. After cooling is complete then they are stored for a couple of days before the fabric is unwrapped and sent off to the designer.

This is one major way to mass produce pleated fabric however there are many other ways such as by machines or hand sewn into place. Now when I wear anything that has pleats I will smile bigger knowing all the precious time it took to make them.

Having this amazing experience inspired me to style a metallic pleated skirt. Metallic skirts are popping up everywhere on my insta and blog feeds. Is it the same for you? Thinking I need an all over silver skirt which would be grand for the holiday season. So I found the one metallic skirt that just called out robot love to me. For a casual look I added a burgundy sheer long sleeve top. The sheer top is a perfect pick-a-boo for a lace velvet barlette. To add some fancy I am wearing some stunning black chunky heels. These babies take my breath away every time. I love how they elevate any look. 

Thank you for stopping by! Remember to say Hi in the comments below. What do you want to discuss next week? Tweet me your ideas! Have a great weekend!

Let’s chat soon – Lovelies


Photographer: Anthony Evans


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  1. April 27, 2017 / 8:35 pm

    Well done to think of sotinhemg like that

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