Darling Denim 


There’s a little nip in the air so it’s that time of year when a denim jacket is the perfect thing to throw on over that sundress you can’t give up just yet, or when the sun goes down and you need an extra layer. Nothing could be more versatile. Layer them with flannels and cable knits to put off having to pull out that full-on wool coat for just a little longer.

With these last busy weeks at school and work, I enjoy the outfits that are simple, yet still eye-catching somewhere. Just when your outfit doesn’t seem to be so special, you turn around and boom! You have rips at your shoulders and darling embroidered in the back with fun vintage pins and patches and these seriously make this jacket the chicest one I’ve ever seen.

Denim jackets with patches, pins, rips are in every fashion show you can think of. These denim jackets are popping up everywhere on my insta and blog feeds. I personally wanted to have some fun and create my own. I also wanted to keep it cheap. I already own two however I wanted to keep them classic and original so I went out to savers and found the perfect denim jacket. It’s a little bigger so I could layer. You already know the deal between me and layering, right?


Well let’s get to business and have some fun!

Here is what you need :

•X-acto knife (or very sharp regular knife)

• Gloves, if you’re clumsy

• Heavy-duty sandpaper

• A washing machine and dryer

What You Do:

1. The point is to make the jacket look worn in the spots where it would naturally fall apart over years of wear. First, put on the jacket and mark the spots where you want it to look worn with a pencil.

2. Insert a thick piece of cardboard behind the desired spot on the jacket, making sure that it’s separating both layers (you don’t want to cut through both sides of the jacket or damage the surface). Using the x-acto knife, make a bunch of small (or large, depending on your taste) slits in the fabric on the spot you marked previously. Rub the sandpaper over the area to rough it up even more giving it a destroyed look. Repeat on on the desired spots. Slide some cardboard under the front pocket area and distress the area with an x-acto knife and the sandpaper, then repeat on the other side, if desired (just make sure the marks aren’t identical on both sides).

3. Flip over the jacket, and distress the upper back area, where the fabric would pull if you were to bend over and touch your toes.

4. Wash the jacket, dry the jacket; repeat as necessary until you have the desired effect.

Tip: When making cuts with the x-acto, make sure to vary the depth, length and placement – you want some cuts to go completely through the fabric, but others to just lightly skim the surface; this will create the most natural effect. 

Now after the denim jacket looks vintage and worn let’s add a little more you to the jacket! Place some fun pins and iron some patches on. For my jacket I collected some pins also the patch “I’m the Boss” from my New York trip.
This was a really fun creative project! I had a blast making my own denim jacket. I can’t wait to add more patches to it. Try making your own and make sure to tag me!
Mmkay, catch you on the flip side Xoxo



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