20 Facts About ME

Helllo there !

I’ve never really taken the time to introduce myself. I recently asked on Instagram to send me questions that you wanted to know about me. So I wanted to do something short, fun and straight to the point! Sure, if you’re one of my readers (HI, and thank you!) you’ll have a bit of an idea, but perhaps not a clear one? I for one know that I really like to get to know the people whose lives I read about… so what makes me any different?

1) I have never lived without a pet in the home. We’ve always had dogs or a fish.

    2) I love rising with the sun and staying up late to see the moonlight.

3) Korean food is my favorite.

4) I’ve been able to ski since I was about 3 years old. The moment it was possible for my parents to get me on skis, they did. Taos Ski Valley is my home away from home!

5) I absolutely love every season, however my favorite is winter because of the SNOW!

6) I am a Pisces

7) I am currently attending Santa Fe Community College for a degree in Fashion Design. I’ll be graduating in May 2018.

8) Hot Yoga is my happy place.

9) I love all things fashion, I like to wake up and just try all types of combos.

10) I am a very hands on learner.

11) I am very artsy. I like to paint, draw, take photos, design clothing, and sew.

12) I have a green thumb. I adore plants inside of my home and my garden outside.

13) M U S I C …. for me is life.

14) I’m a fashion blogger by day and Gypsy by night! Hahah I have to clean and rearrange the furniture monthly. I like to organize and purge.

15) I swear there’s a dancing bug in my body because I love to dance.

16) Going to cheat on this one…. My wife Sara and I have been together for 6 years and married for 6 months. We met at a house party. We have two fur babies Kitty which is a miniature poodle  and Bailey is an English bulldog. We both want to move to Seattle Washington in a couple of years.

17) I work full-time for the office of the president of T-Mobile.

18) I have a little over 100 pairs of shoes.

19) I have an office that serves as a closet.. Sorry wifey but they just don’t fit!

20) I have 10 tattoos and 8 piercings.

I hope this gives you a bit more insight into me and my life. I personally love reading things like this (because let’s face it, we’re all mega nosy!), and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Go check out my morning toll on Instagram feed! Vote for what you want to see next




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